The Architect-Friendly Custom Residential Builder


This extensive renovation included windows, siding and a new master bedroom.


The footprint of this home was expanded and the interior was renovated.


This project included extensive stone work and landscaping.


This beach house remodel added a dormer and porch.


This barn was reconstructed and transformed into a studio.


This project features a two-story bathroom addition and foundation stonework.


A complete renovation and addition were performed on this Summer home.

Major Construction

This home was renovated, and new outbuildings were added to the property.

The Architect-Friendly Custom Residential Builder

Since 1981, AJ Shea Construction's objective has been to provide expert technical and management skills to the custom residential building market.

We offer superior construction based on designs provided by your architect. However, if you haven't already selected an architect, we can provide you with design alternatives as well. Our projects typically include renovation work on high value homes with some of historical significance as well as new construction.

We're there for every phase of your project

Our services include site excavation and trucking, complete carpentry services, shop-built cabinets, high quality, custom millwork and complete subcontracting services as required by your project. From beginning to end, AJ Shea Construction has the expertise to do it all!

We invite you to browse our current projects and past projects to get a better idea of the work we do.

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Geothermal Projects

An endless supply of heating and cooling energy lies just beneath the surface.

AJ Shea construction has installed ground-source and pond-source geothermal heat pumps for nearly 10 years and is committed to making your project an energy-saving success!

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AJ Shea Goes "Green"

Environmentally responsible construction methods and "green" materials are a part of everything we do. AJ Shea Construction incorporates guidelines from the US Green Building Council to provide LEED certification for homes.

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